Commercial property owners spend approximately 40% of their operating budget on energy costs, which continue to rise. Now it makes great business sense to for owners to make energy improvements using PACE financing.

PACE is the best financing option to create positive cash flow for commercial property owners. Sound too good to be true? Let us answer a few common questions about PACE financing below:

What makes PACE financing different from traditional financing?

PACE is a unique financing program that allows commercial property owners to upgrade their existing or new-construction building to energy efficient, water efficient or renewable energy technologies. What makes PACE different from traditional financing is that projects are 100% financed with no out-of-pocket costs and allows the property owner to repay the financing through assessments on property tax payments. Like other property assessments, they transfer with the property when it sells.

How does PACE financing increase my revenue?

Through energy efficiency improvements, energy savings each year will more than offset your assessment payments which are spread out up to twenty years.

What happens if I sell my property?

The value of your property increases when energy efficiency improvements are made. Through PACE financing, the assessments are paid on your property tax bill and transfer with the property to the new owner.

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