Commercial building owners spend approximately 40% of their operating budget on energy costs, which continue to rise. With Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) financing, building owners can increase their revenue with energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades and no out-of-pocket costs.

Because the long-term financing can cover up to 100% of a building’s modernization project cost and often requires no money down, C-PACE enables property owners to make substantial upgrades to their buildings. The project’s energy savings outweigh the C-PACE payments, which creates positive cash flow for the property owner, and increases the value of the building.

C-PACE financing is repaid through a voluntary benefit assessment that is recorded on the property similar to a sewer assessment. Repayment terms can extend up to 20 years and the assessment transfers with the property to the new owner if you sell the property.


100% Financing

As a registered C-PACE Capital Provider, Liberty Energy Partners is able to provide 100% financing for energy retrofit projects and up to 20% financing for new construction. Energy retrofit projects will lower building energy costs while increasing the value of the building and generating positive cash flow. The best part of the financing is that it requires no personal guarantee by the building owner and the repayment obligation is transferred to the new owner if the building is sold.